Connor Tingley, 22, is taking the LA art scene by fashionable storm, one fab collector at a time. The press-shy California native is on the climb up the local “culturescape” despite foregoing the traditional art school route. “I never studied Picasso, I never studied Chagall. The only painter I loved was John Singer Sargent, who was the last great classical painter,” Tingley says. Originally, the artist wanted to be an animator, apprenticing under famed illustrator Sheldon Borenstein at age 11.

Yet, art ran through his veins—his grandfather and great-grandfather were both artists, and the latter’s tapestries still hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. With the support of his mother, Tingley launched his art career after dabbling briefly in the Hollywood world of production and design. Today, his works (his current medium being over-sized abstract drawings using oils and charcoal) rock the walls of local collectors’ homes, including everyone from musician A$AP Rocky and celebrity photographer James White to unnamed (thanks to non-disclosure agreements) Hollywood A-listers. “LA’s current art scene is just crazy,” Tingley says. With a lineup of fashion and magazine collaborations in queue (Vogue, et. al.), Tingley is making that scene in all the best places.