As you can see on my new designed website, creativity takes a very big part of the conversation. A center stage, if you will. My creative and/or digital projects, as well as my brand are subjects you guys email me most about. I felt it was the right time to share everything I learned so far, all my trial & errors, so that you can find your own creative way.

We live in the times where creativity has become an invaluable currency, but also times where there’s so much content around, so much pressure to come up with innovative ideas; often times we get paralyzed and our ideas stay just that, an idea. Not knowing how to proceed, not knowing what impact we can make, how to go about it prevents maybe something great to come into fruition.

With al the obstacles we face today with the saturation of content (and attempt to create content, therefore taking “space”), there was also never a better time to turn our passion projects into paying projects! If only we can see through the forest, and be clear as to what our creative goals are. Whether you want to write, blog, design clothes, create digital projects, design websites, make & sell art; these are my experiences, trials & errors.