I don’t know about you guys, but I every day I grow royally more and more tired of the quasi perfection we se online every day. “Perfect” lives, pictures, faces; I just can’t. The tons of layers of make up being plastered daily, it completely wares me out.

And all that perfection, Christ, it has to end! I notice more and more people that are embracing the imperfections, having their faces washed out instead of plastered; hell even Kardashians are looking more and more, undone, bare, “worn out”. And isn’t it beautiful? To finally see the skin? I have never seen those faces before, and they are not even that bad, not that that give us a chance to look at them.

People tattooing fake freckles on their faces, tattooing the hairs bristling out of their eyebrows; I love this trend. Faking the imperfections! How wild is that to come from faking the perfection to actually be faking the imperfection?

The trend. The movement. It’s coming on, I tell ya.

How stunning is this face? Obsessed with it. The rapper SZA, with freckles and beauty marks all over her face, lips, and all that messy hair/brow combo?

Beauty, 2017.