I get physically excited when I see a great creation, art, design, or a process. And these pieces by Swiss brand YVY, the photo shot, the layout, the colors and creative direction? Phenomenal. If you know me you know I only like non-color colors, and this campaign is exactly the palette I die for.

To chose a beach for a backdrop of a leather, monochromatic, alternative campaign is so off, but so brilliantly executed here! Toning down a default colors of nature, downing the soft light to contrast the leather, just epic.

And who is YVY Brand? A Swiss line of exclusive leather accessories, practicing traditional craftsmanship meets innovation; diverting from mass production, but carefully creating pieces of art. They use only Italian vegetable tanned leather, “proving how seductive sustainability can be”.

Their 1001 Collection featured here is, in their words, “inspired by the mixture of oriental mystique and geometric islamic patterns. Interlaced strapwork and stars formed by endless lines will turn you into a tempting legend out of 1001 Nights!”

And we couldn’t say it any better. How glorious is this editorial? And how creative are these pieces?Featuring model Natt Mitrovic, an exquisite, exotic beauty, an amazing soul, a friend, and part time dancing queen! (…more about that in some other, future post! ….)