I’ve been simplifying. Everything. Make up is one thing NOT to be simplified in life, but at the moment, my absolute obsession are few things when the face is concerned. The nudes and the browns!

They complement each other so perfectly; the lightness and the depth. I wasn’t happy when the 90’s trend of brown lip returned, that outline with the shimmery middle was not cool! But with 2015 edgier update, thanks to this kid, the liquid, matt drying deep browns, I’m way down!

Specially with the nude combo.

How to do it? Chose either eyes or lips! If you’re going brown on the lip, eyes have to be nude. Unless you want to do nude on both, but avoid going deep, dark brown on both eyes and lips, it’s overkill.

Our fav combo? Nude eyelid, with a touch of gloss, and a deep burgundy matt lips. To achieve, use any of your favorite nude shadows with a touch of powder pink (my fav is Maybelline Blushed Nude Palette), and spread a tiny amount of gloss over the shadow and the lid. I use M.A.C Gloss Creme Brillance. For the lips, try Maybeline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Burgundy Blush.



For the opposite, a nude lip and brown eye, I use Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Rouge Noir, or Chanel Ombre Contraste Duo in Taupe Delicat. For the cheaper version try Maybelline’s The Nude Palette. For the lips, there’s an absolute phenomenal lip stain I use, the best lip thing ever invented, Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick! That thing is poetry, I kid you not, you have to try it. I use colors Patina (Dusty Rose) & Bellissima (Pale Neutral Pink), you glide them on your lip, let it dry, you pat with your finger to set it in and distribute evenly, and voila. 6 hours later, like you just applied it. Does not move!

And pinks eyebrows? Didn’t go that far, but I might give it a test drive for the New Years Eve! How would I do that combo? Only gloss on the lids, no shadow, gloss on the lips, no color, a bit of stain on the cheek & heavy mascara!




photo credit / refinery29.com