As you’re reading my blog regularly, you’d know what kind of things I like in style as well as in lifestyle; I’m obsessed with skill, raw talent and creativity, as well as craftsmanship. People that create things with their hands amaze me and inspire me on everyday basis.

I discovered Valley Eyewear by accident and I was blown away by their imagery, their hand crafted poetry of a brand, as well as managing & executing their brand visuals through Social Media. Not lots of fuss there, just pure talent, pure craft; the most amazing apocalyptic photoshots, great product quality (they were so kind to send me one pair of Sunglasses!)

Valley is originated from Australia, it was founded by a small group of individuals that stayed true to their roots of creating exceptional hand crafted frames; they are classic but with sublime finishes, and truly feel like small pieces of art on anyone’s face. By Designer Michael Crawley in collaboration with Italian optical specialist ‘Carl Zeiss’!